About Us

Rebune is a specialized store in the trade of hair care devices in the United Arab Emirates, we own a distinctive brand, and all of our products are of high quality and with a full warranty.
We have a wide range of modern devices that guarantee complete care for all hair types, the most important of which are:

Hair consultations (stylists):

One step drying and smooth hair styling, helps detangle coarse hair and give a positive result.

Hair dryers:

Save time and money in the salon, and style your hair at home, our dryers heat up within minutes, and give results instantly.

Hair straighteners:

The latest ceramic hair straighteners and modern technologies that give a high temperature to make your hair soft and shiny, and equipped with negative ions technology that works to remove the complexity and moisturize the hair until it appears amazingly shiny.

Hair curlers:

Get professionally curly hair from your home using Rebune hair waves, as we have modern hair waves that help you design it the way you dream, it is modern, safe and easy to use.

What can we do for you?

All of our products are of high quality and conform to quality standards for hair care devices, and are equipped with the latest technologies. They are distinguished and give positive results immediately, and these characteristics made them popular products in the Arab and international markets.

We are always keen to study the comments and opinions of our valued customers, and our trained cadres always strive to improve the service. Our work according to the requirements of our customers has made us excel in the hair care products market, and we are always close to our customers.

The Rebune online store provides its services around the clock, and enjoys smooth transactions and full technical support, so that the process of purchasing and inquiring about products is very simple, and you can complete it within minutes. We also welcome you to visit our offices during working hours.

The Rebune family is working to create a successful virtual experience for the hair care store, where we have chosen for you the best hair care products in terms of quality and price, and we have built the store from the point of view of customers and with the latest information technology, to provide a successful and distinctive online shopping experience, and we are constantly developing it.

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