Merak Hot Air Styler MR-2

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  • Impressive results for beautiful and elegant hair, the distinguished hairdresser from Merak, to enjoy many hairstyles that reflect your beauty and personality.
  • Unique product
  • High quality and perfect packaging
  • Powerful power system, provides you with the right heat and fast heating, which greatly saves your time.

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  • Voltage: (Voltage) Rated: 240V-220 AC.
  • Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz.
  • Power: 1000-1200 Watt.


  1. The device comes with 2 straightening brushes, each one of them used
  2. There is a click to remove attachments
  3. A blinking light as a symbol of the operating indicator
  4. Power key
    • Slow speed.
    • high speed.
    • Shutdown.
    • cold air flow

How to use

Note: Always allow the device and accessories to cool down before attaching or unplugging the accessories.

  1. Wash the hair and then gently dry the hair with the towel to remove the excess water, the device is more effective on the hair after using the towel.
  2. Choose the appropriate attachment and place it on the nozzle of the device facing the input chute, twist clockwise until you hear the latch, and the brush is in the closed position.

* In general, the higher heat is used for thicker and dryer hair, the lower temperature is used for fine hair and for greater styling precision, the cooler setting can be used at the end to hold the comb.

Warning: Do not use the appliance with hair that is dripping wet.

First: Making straight natural hair:

  1. Apply the straightening brush to your hair.
  2. مشطي الشعر ببطء بفرشاة التمليس، تماماً كما تفعلين بالفرشاة العادية.
    نصيحة: يمكنك تمشيط جذور الشعر لجعل الشعر أكثر رقة.
  3. عند الانتهاء استخدمي أصابعك لتشكيل الشعر بالمظهر المطلوب.

ثانياً: إنشاء تجاعيد الشعر بأمواج طبيعية:

  1. مشطي الشعر وقسميه إلى أقسام.
  2. خذي قسماً من الشعر ومشطيه إلى الأسفل، ثم عند أطراف الشعر ابرمي للداخل أو للخارج.
  3. ثبتي الفرشاة على هذا الوضع من 7_10 ثواني ثم اخرجي الفرشاة من شعرك.
  4. عند الانتهاء استخدمي أصابعك لتشكيل الشعر، يمكنك ضبط الشعر وفقاً لتفضيلاتك.

الصيانة والتنظيف بعد الاستخدام

  1. بعد الاستخدام، أوقف تشغيل الجهاز وافصله من القابس.
  2. ضع الجهاز على سطح مقاوم للحرارة حتى يبرد.
  3. لفصل الملحقات اضغط على زر التحرير (الفصل) واسحبها للخارج.
  4. قم بإزالة الشعر والغبار من على الجهاز والملحقات.
  5. قم بتنظيف الجهاز والملحقات بقطعة قماش رطبة، لا تنظف الجهاز بسائل التنظيف، أو الكحول لأن ذلك سيؤدي لتلف الجهاز.
  6. If the power cable gets hot or the cable is damaged, do not use the device, and take it to the nearest service center.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the device or change the power cable by the customer. In the event of any damage to the device, please stop using the device and go to the nearest service center.


  1. Please return the device to the carton only after the device has completely cooled down, and store in a dry place.
  2. Do not store the appliance without disconnecting the plug or before it has completely cooled down.
  3. Do not wrap the power cable around the device.
  4. Do not place anything on top of the device.


  • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons to avoid danger.
  • The device is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or a lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given appropriate supervision or direction.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.


Do not use this device near bathtubs, showers, tubs/pools, or other containers containing water.

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