Shipping and delivery service:

Please note that the official working days of Rebune store   are from Sunday to Thursday. Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and public holidays are holidays for all employees of Rebune and Shipping Companies.

Our first mission is to provide you with the best online shopping experience, so we have made the shipping and delivery process easier for you because your convenience is our priority.

  • Rebune delivers your orders through delivery companies or individuals at peak times to confirm your service and deliver your orders in a timely manner for you. The order is processed within 1-2 working days of completing the purchase process, as the shipping and delivery process at Rebune takes from 2-4 working days and delivery is within all regions of the Emirates except for the western regions (Bida Zayed, Ghayathi, Al Marfa, Al Sila, Al Ruwais, Al Wagan, The seal, the safe, the seal).
  • Rebune ‘s delivery approach   is to deliver on the same day or on another day according to your geographical area, with the option to choose the time that suits you for delivery at any time during the day, week or even during the month.

  Delivery schedule:

We provide a daily delivery service except for Fridays and official holidays in all regions of the Emirates, except for some western regions (Bida Zayed, Ghayathi, Al Marfa, Al Sila, Al Ruwais) delivery is on Wednesday, for orders from inside the Emirates after 2 pm, it will be delivered within 2 to 4 working days

Shipping time may increase during seasons, due to the high pressure on shipping and delivery companies.

You can subscribe to have your selected products delivered periodically (daily, weekly or monthly).

The item must be requested at least four hours before the time to be obtained so that the delivery team can provide the item, taking into account the time of the request (that it is not late) and within Rebune’s working hours.

 In case of urgent orders, please contact our customer service and we will do our best to help you.

Your signature on the invoice copy will be required to confirm your receipt of the products as indicated on the invoice. The order will be delivered to the address registered in the order, and the signature of any person present at this address is considered receipt of the order.

In the event that we reach the registered address and no one is present at this address, please contact the customer service to determine another time for delivery, and the company will not be responsible for any request that exceeds 10 days from the first date of delivery of the order. Note that in the event that you are not present at the agreed time for delivery twice, an additional delivery fee will be charged after that.

In the event that the shipment is not received by the customer, or the customer refuses to receive the shipment from the shipping company and the customer wants to cancel the order and return the amount, then the value of the shipping fees will be deducted in addition to the deduction of the packaging value if the order contains product packaging.

Delivery fees are 30 AED for the order within all regions of the Emirates except for the western regions (Bida Zayed, Ghayathi, Al Marfa, Al Sila’a, Al Ruwais, Al Wagan, Al Quaa, Al Khazna, Al Khatem). Delivery fees are calculated at a cost of 50 Riyals.

For inquiries and to know the shipping cost to other regions, please contact us via the following email: [email protected] or WhatsApp 00971501928327

Important information about delivery

  •  The applicant is required to sign a purchase receipt document
  • We at Rebune guarantee you the safety of the order from theft and damage from the moment it leaves the store until the moment of delivery. Rebune is not responsible for the product after signing the surrender document.
  • Ships by Rebune Store for regions within the UAE.
  • The guide uses the approximate delivery time starting from the moment the order is dispatched. REBUNE is not   responsible for any delays caused by the fees payment procedures by the applicant or delays by customs or shipping companies.
  • Adding fees to the shipping cost of the order in the event that the place of delivery is located in a remote area outside the delivery areas. If you wish to cancel your order and replace it, please go to the return policy page and follow the steps mentioned there
  • Add Fee to Order Shipping Cost There may be a tax fee when the shipment is delivered.
  • Please note that if your order has already been sent and you wish to cancel it, you must wait until it reaches you and then proceed with the return procedures.
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